Get more competitive with GELnet and CourseQual

Lower operational costs, better results, data to show it.

  • Use CourseQual to identify, catalogue and share best practices from weekly plans.
  • Consolidate your digital and paper-based materials to support your syllabus.
  • Use GEL’s powerful Education Intelligence platform to drive higher standards and demonstrate your success.

More learning in more ways in less time

Better classes, more individual support for students

  • Reclaim your first day with pre-arrival placement testing supported by the Oxford Online Placement test, pre-arrival questionnaires and a prep-course to get your students ready.
  • Target student needs based on tutorial or test results with GEL’s vast library of high-quality content powered by Oxford University Press.
  • Make it easier to keep classes on track with digital content linked to your syllabus and targeted to your students’ needs.
  • Help teachers find alternative sources of content with our course book to course book mapping.
  • Reach students in school or remotely.

Make it easy for students to know you

Connect with students earlier, keep them engaged with you longer, show them how much you are giving them